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    Welcome to Creative Weeks!

    Create and Share Something New Every Week. Creative Weeks is a weekly creative project where participants create and publicly share one new creation every week. Creations can be anything creative such as visual arts, writing or music. You don’t need to be an experienced artist to participate. The goal is not perfection but to experience the joy and benefits of being creative. For those already making art at any level, this project can help you grow by unblocking, finishing work and participating in a supportive, inspiring community. See the How To page for information on how it works, rules and […] More

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    "Iconic" Link costume


    Last week(I’m late in posting),I was asked to help complete a costume worn by Link, the protagonist in the Legend of Zelda.   My contribution was to recreate the shirt. It looked easy enough but actually took several hours to draw and paint. And it turned out looking super!! More

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    Old Love

    Ten thousands of nights ~ we have lain together ~ Each night I have been touching you ~ near the center of you ~ as we drifted, drifted into sleep ~ Ten thousands of nights. ~ And of the days the same ~ One hundred thousands of ~ daily drifting touches ~ hands, shoulders, lips, hips ~ mostly, deliciously, tender now ~ and so sweet ~ so sweet More

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    Droid Glitch Rando Flow – (new song and live VJ video experiment)

    New song and video created for this weeks #CreativeWeeks submission (creativeweeks.org). Created both in Ableton Live. Used some Gifs mixed in the Zwobot Max for Live devices for the video. “VJed” live along with the music. Still have a lot to learn to get better at live VJ. Fun to try though. The music was my first experiment with the Ableton Live Creative Extensions pack. Used the Melodic Steps device to help generate the melodies and bass lines. The melodic synth and bass are from Live’s recent Singularities pack. So far I’m liking both packs a lot. The glitchy droid […] More

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    Saturday Gets Gum

    Note: This post and Monday Gets Coffee are exercises in movement, exposition, dialog, character development and point-of-view. I am not sure whether I have pulled any of it off. I did enjoy the exercise. Saturday was careful to ease the screen shut as he went out the back door. He walked purposefully across the yard and through the loose board in the back corner of the fence. He was kind of bored and especially wanted to not be at home when his dad woke up and started getting on him about mowing the lawn or some other shit. His dad […] More

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    Monday Gets Coffee

    Monday walked the long block to the corner store. It was already warm out and the sun was warm on her back as she walked west down Front Street. She needed some coffee but, after a weekend without seeing or talking to anyone, she was more interested in just a little tentative contact with other humans. Just a little. She liked people but was awkward and self-conscious around almost everyone and quite horrible at small talk. Really she preferred to watch and listen rather than engage with most people. A little went a long way. It was ten in the […] More

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    Valley Skate Night Video feat. Skate Baby and Large Bird

    The miracle tonight on 242nd and Roller Derby Lane: It’s all-ages skate night at the Valley Roller Rink!! Lace those skates up tight, let’s go! Start out slow. Nice and steady, that’s it. Come on, come on, we got this! This is part of my track “Valley Skate Night” originally released for #WeeklyBeats. Formal release coming soon! Used this track for my second experiment with Zwobot Max for Live devices for live video visuals mixing up some gifs and videos. I couldn’t make all these edits live, so I’d record some clips then dropped them into the Ableton arrangement view […] More

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    3 Leaps For Creative Weeks

    Anyone can be creative. Maybe everyone. From that creativity, new creative creations can be created and shared. This feels good to do. In fact, studies have shown that being creative and sharing creative creations makes life 93% more wonderful!* So given these “facts”, why don’t more of us create things and make life that much more wonderful? There are many reasons, which can be discussed amongst yourselves, and maybe here in this blog on another day. Today we’re talking about how easy it can be to get into the habit of creating by taking only three creative leaps of Starting, […] More

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