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    Welcome to Creative Weeks!

    Create and Share Something New Every Week. Creative Weeks is a weekly creative project where participants create and publicly share one new creation every week. Creations can be anything creative such as visual arts, writing or music. You don’t need to be an experienced artist to participate. The goal is not perfection but to experience the joy and benefits of being creative. For those already making art at any level, this project can help you grow by unblocking, finishing work and participating in a supportive, inspiring community. See the How To page for information on how it works, rules and […] More

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    Sometimes I feel like singing~
    I rarely I follow through~
    Not because I’m sad or blue~
    I don’t know why~
    Mostly I just listen then~
    Attention is the purest form of love~
    Attention is the purest form of love More

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    Bitworm the Brave

    Lessons learned this week – happy accidents make creating fun. Electronic music instruments, like I was using this week for this piece, have thousands of sonic possibilities due to the myriad combinations of the dozens of controls and parameters that can be adjusted. When you don’t know all the the possibilities, sometimes a sound or rhythm is kind of stumbled upon, and it sounds surprisingly good, or at least interestingly surprising. A happy accident that makes the session and time spend more exhilarating. Improvised jam on the Circuit Mono Station, Bitranger and Model:Samples. Cut down length in Ableton, then did […] More

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    “Gratitude is the heart’s gift to you. When your heart is filled with joy it gives you gratitude.”   Prem Rawat Radio, February, 2019. More spontaneous, torn, tissue paper and glue. After it dries, a little sharpie pen creates the image from random shapes. More

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    Tunes of March – Music and Visuals Improvisation

    An improvised jam on the dining room table Friday night. Minor edit to cut down length and arrange on the computer in Ableton Live. Sounds from the new Circuit Mono Station, Circuit (drums), and Pocket Operator 12 (drums of course, fed into Mono Station input). Did quick live VJ to it in Ableton using Zwobot.  More

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    How We Break


    A new housey jam collaboration with Monstrosus (Weak Sauce) on keys and guitar and myself on the beats and production. Mr. W. Sauce actually came over twice and played keys over this beat … the first time I messed up the recording. Second times the charm. Sounds from the hardware Novation Mininova keyboard, Volca Beats (middle section beat), and then various Ableton Live sounds. Used 3 or 4 different drum tracks. I wanted the bass to come through in this, and I think I succeeded, maybe too much bass?? Is that possible?? ;). Image is a broken bee hive. For […] More

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    "Iconic" Link costume


    Last week(I’m late in posting),I was asked to help complete a costume worn by Link, the protagonist in the Legend of Zelda.   My contribution was to recreate the shirt. It looked easy enough but actually took several hours to draw and paint. And it turned out looking super!! More

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    Old Love

    Ten thousands of nights ~ we have lain together ~ Each night I have been touching you ~ near the center of you ~ as we drifted, drifted into sleep ~ Ten thousands of nights. ~ And of the days the same ~ One hundred thousands of ~ daily drifting touches ~ hands, shoulders, lips, hips ~ mostly, deliciously, tender now ~ and so sweet ~ so sweet More

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